This domain is $4.2 Million Dollars

Please do not take this information about the price of this domain in a negative light. This price is HIGHLY unusual (to put it very mildly). I understand this and realize it is in a rarified group of situations and thus prices.

The domain that you are interested in is $4,200,000.00 USD.

That’s 4.2 million USD!


The price is not based on logic or market valuation. Instead, it is based on a Divine command spoken from God that may have many reasons. It is for the reason of the Divine command that the price is non-negotiable. 


Even 4.199 million would be a violation of the Divine Word and therefore would not be accepted.


This page was created because time is valuable and you do not need to waste your time submitting offers that would not be accepted. Even if you do not understand or agree with the logic, this page is efficient.


This is not being harsh or intractable but faithful. You may not be a person of faith or believe in such things, but for this domain, such faith does apply.


I am the senior pastor of a Christian church and I have been the pastor for over 25 years. I receive no money from ministry, I am a business owner and I support my family from my business.


I am also a domain investor but domain investing is a side hobby. God spoke specifically about the domain that you are inquiring about and He set the price and this is why the price is absolutely firm. Please try to understand this. 


This price will immediately put the domain purchase into one of four categories: 

1. No way, not even on a good day. It is ridiculous, and utterly and completely out of the question. And possibly, I am about four million one hundred and ninety-nine thousand or so short. If I had 4.2 million, asking to buy this domain would be the last thing on my mind.
2. I have the money or can come up with it, but it is just too expensive. I will find something else.
3. It is expensive, but I have got big plans and deep pockets. This domain is potentially worth it for what I have in mind. I need to think it over and talk it over with some people.
If I decide positively on the domain and your non-negotiable price, then I will fit in category four and get back to you.
4. I have gone through numbers one, two, and three. It may be expensive (expensive is relative to potential value), but there is something about it that resonates with me. I did not plan on paying this much for it, but I have done well in the past following my logic and higher intuition. I have the money and the power to make the decision. 
This is for me!
Those are the four possibilities. With numbers one, two, and three, no reply is really necessary as some replies could be quite harsh, and a “no way” is completely understandable. At the very least, this price will provide you with interesting talk around the dinner table.
Yes, it is beyond what you thought it would cost.
If you fit in category number four:
A) The money will bless the world because we will use it honorably and wisely.
B) The domain will bless you. If you are considering and capable of purchasing this domain, it will return the investment beyond what you think because there will be a positive spiritual force behind it.

C) Please contact us HERE.